A new family

I’m really sad to be leaving tomorrow but after staying nearly a month extra it is time to get a move on to India. I have got to feel so at home here, mainly due to my lovely new family! All you boys at the Lighthouse are the best, you have made my stay so fun and comfortable. 

You all have hearts of gold and what you do with VCD is amazing. I will be back to help you as soon as I can. I want to go back to Torikhet to see Amaa, her smile, eat her food and see how the kids are growing up. To anyone reading this at the beginning of your trip, I am so jealous. You have the best time ahead of you. I will miss you all so much. I will miss chasing Prakash, Bishal’s stories, writing pieces for Santosh, Bicky dancing on chairs, but not the hangover after drinking auila with Gaurab – don’t believe him when he says it’ll make you feel fresh in the morning. I’ll be back to experience it all again.

With all my love.
Ps Joey – if you read this, you falling in the river was probably the highlight of my trip.
Fay, England

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