Tough but vastly rewarding

From trekking and rafting to safaris and sight seeing, it has all been an amazing experience. Playing chess, relaxing at the lighthouse, drinking and going out, rafting and driving around – all the people at VCD individually made this journey amazing and it wouldn’t have been as good without you all. 

Thank you for your friendship, knowledge and guidance. I have always felt safe, whether it was driving around crazy Kathmandu or dancing in a club, and I owe that to you. Putting adventure aside, thank you for being one of the truly good organisations in volunteering abroad. It is very hard to find people who genuinely do good for others. I am thankful to Frontier for finding you and sending me in your direction. Bicky, you are an inspiring person to be around. I am proud to have been part of the VCD Nepal family.

The time I spent in the Chitwan orphanage was tough but vastly rewarding. It was an experience that I will never forget and I hope to have impacted some lives for the better, which was what we all came here to do. Even if I have failed in that, I can take solace in knowing that I have aided an organisation that makes real, positive change in peoples’ lives. The way that everyone at the orphanage speaks of “Bicky brother” is a testament to the great work that the entire VCD team does, and especially to Bicky’s heart of gold. I leave here – after only one month – proud, humbled, inspired, happy and eternally thankful. 

Thank you so much.
Nick Hutton

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