VCD is a dedicated & trust worthy organization

Having read many of the previous fare well letters I can only agree with the sentiments stated. However after my 3 weeks visit to Nepal, I am far too chilled on to compete with so many heartfelt super superlatives!

Bicky halo shines brightly enough (luckily not his ego) that he is the lighthouse himself. A beacon of integrity, professionalism and generous consideration, giving us all the confidence to feel safe and ‘at home’ here, in this huzzling, haggling and hooting environ that is chaotic Kathmandu, with all its colour’s clothes and cheerfulness. After being expertly chaufferd (by Prakash) to the sights and sounds of the living faith temples of Kat, acclimatization is complete because, we are also fed the best Nepali food (cooked by Prakash) and taught perfect table manners eating with right hand only!

Delicious cooked breakfasts created lovingly by Maria (the charming and caring Colombian intern) are a daily special treat. Marias others speciality is being a brilliant and patient ‘retail therapy’ guide and will also get you to the living Goddess on time… So yes now ready to move on out and enjoy all the volunteer work, trekking, rafting, paragliding, etc all carefully selected and organized by wizard Bicky.

Being 54 I was given the honorary and meaningful title of ‘Mum’. From this vantage point I can say this VCD family (10 volunteers from 5 countries) is joy and goodness manifest.
VCD is a dedicated and trust worthy organization that Bicky can be truly proud of bringing many souls together to make dreams come true and change lives to the betterment of all.

So, I wish Bicky complete success with all his VCD endeavour’s that he continues this important necessary work supporting and educating poor and vulnerable children and helping to secure the advancement of the bright minded months who will in turn do so much to enhance and harmonize our ever changing world.
Namaste, cheers with lassi or Nepali sweet tea
Bicky, Thank you sincerely for being you with many blessings and all the unconditional love share.

Mum, Jane x
United Kingdom
Teaching English, 3 weeks 

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