VCD Nepal has been brilliant since the day I got in contact with Bicky after a recommendation from my friend Charlotte who volunteered with VCD in 2012.  I spent 5 weeks with VCD in Nepal staying with a local family in Godawari (south of Kathmandu) on the Community teaching program. It has been an incredible few weeks, teaching kids aged 8-12 at the local school.  The whole experience has been incredible and memorable, even without major teaching experience at home, the kids were amazing and we all became very attached to each other by the final days of teaching.  The family we stayed with were fantastic and made us feel at home from the first day, feeding us good food and always taking care of us. 

Bicky has been fantastic, from picking us up at the airport, to showing us around Kathmandu for the first 2 days before the program, and always being on hand to help with organising any extra activities in between teaching.  The whole experience has been life changing and I feel as though I have made a positive impact on the education of the kids in Godawari, as well as making new life-long friends and exploring the beautiful country of Nepal.  Nick, 22, UK.