A new family

I’m really sad to be leaving tomorrow but after staying nearly a month extra it is time to get a move on to India. I have got to feel so at home here, mainly due to my lovely new family! All you boys at the Lighthouse are the best, you have made my stay so fun and comfortable. 

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The people make the place

I’m sure you’ve read the same things a million times but I honestly can’t thank everyone at VCD enough. Bicky, you are truly inspiring and a great motivation for what the world needs. It makes me happy to know that in this evil world there are still people like you, who believe in changing what’s wrong step by step. Everything I believe in has been reinforced because of you.

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My life-changing experience at the VCD Nepal children library

From the moment when I first arrived in Kathmandu I fully believe that I was adopted into the VCD Nepal family. This sense of sibling love and community was definitely prevalent for the entirety of the trip but was strongest in Torikhet, Chitwan. Working with the children in the library and then living in the home alongside the incredibly inspiring family was truly an incredible experience.

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