VCD Nepal is a non-profitable volunteer organization based in Nepal. It was established 15 years ago( Year 2007)by a team of like-minded Nepali youth wanting to make a positive difference in to Nepal’s unprivileged local communities.

As a grass-root organization our mission is to connect our local communities with international volunteers. As a result communities will benefit from our international volunteers specific knowledge and skills in the field of education, health, sanitization and on environmental issues. In return our international volunteers will get an opportunity to make an impact in locals life, immerse themselves in to our rich Nepali culture, learn about life, hospitality, compassion and of course wide knowledge on the specific project that they are wanting to join.

We offer equal opportunity to everyone across the globe.


VCD Nepal is an equal opportunity volunteer organization who provides a meaningful volunteering and internship experience to its global volunteers. All the projects that we offer are affordable, flexible on starting dates and run all year round.

As a volunteer you can make an impact in the local community while developing personal and social skills, opportunity to meet like-minded people, improve self-esteem and of course your experience would be huge benefit for future job prospects.

There is also an opportunity to explore Nepal’s breathtaking natural beauty whilst still contributing your time to the local community.


As a non-governmental organization, there is no government funding at all. We are totally relying on our volunteers contribution. The program fees go directly to the local communities which help our local stakeholders using that fund for their kids education, family fun and community development.

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