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School trip

The school trip program in Nepal offers educational and fun packages for students from junior schools, senior schools, and universities. It includes a mix of educational content and recreational activities, emphasizing safety, customization, local expertise, and responsible tourism. The program aims to provide valuable learning experiences and memorable adventures for students while accommodating their specific needs and age groups.
highlights of the school trip program in Nepal:
  • Group Tours: Organize group tours that bring students together for shared learning and adventure experiences in Nepal.
  • Summer Camps: Offer summer camps that provide a blend of educational content and fun activities during the school break.
  • Winter Camps: Plan winter camps with exciting winter-themed activities, ensuring a diverse range of experiences throughout the year.
  • Educational Trips: Provide educational trips that align with school curricula and offer insights into Nepal’s geography, history, culture, and environment.
  • Fun Trips: Design fun-filled trips that focus on recreational activities, team-building, and creating lasting memories for students.
For the safety and well-being of students under 18, it’s crucial that they are supervised either by a parent or a school teacher throughout the entire trip. This supervision ensures discipline, safety, and proper guidance during the journey, making the experience both enjoyable and secure.
Accommodation and Meals 
“We offer two types of accommodation, providing flexibility to cater to the preferences of participating schools. By offering these choices, we allow schools to select the accommodation option that best aligns with their specific goals and their students’ comfort levels. Ensuring that both accommodation options are safe, clean, and well-managed is our priority. We clearly communicate these choices to participating schools as part of our program details.”
Stay with a Local Family: 
This provides students with a unique cultural immersion experience. They get to live with a local family, experience their daily life, and learn about Nepali culture firsthand. This option can be a valuable educational component of the trip.
Hotel/Guest Houses: Some schools may prefer the comfort and convenience of staying in hotels or guest houses. This option offers a more traditional and standardized accommodation experience with meals typically served on-site or at local restaurants. 
Nepal offers diverse destinations for school trips, from the Himalayas to vibrant cities. It’s safe and educational, promoting learning and growth.
Chitwan: Chitwan is a renowned destination in Nepal, known for its rich biodiversity and wildlife. Students can explore Chitwan National Park, where they can witness a wide range of wildlife, including rhinoceros, tigers, and various bird species. Activities often include jungle safaris, canoe rides, and educational programs on wildlife conservation. Chitwan offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about environmental conservation and experience the natural beauty of Nepal.
Pokhara: Pokhara is a picturesque city located beside Phewa Lake, surrounded by the Annapurna mountain range. This destination offers stunning views, serene lakes, and a variety of outdoor activities. Students can engage in hiking, boating, and paragliding, making it an ideal location for adventure and outdoor education. The cultural and natural diversity of Pokhara makes it an enriching destination for school trips.
Kathmandu: As the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is a hub of cultural and historical significance. Students can explore ancient temples, palaces, and cultural heritage sites, such as the Swayambhunath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple. Kathmandu offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about Nepali history, art, and culture. The city’s accessibility and historical richness make it a top destination for educational and cultural immersion experiences.
Each of these destinations provides a distinct and valuable experience for students, and their choice can be tailored to the educational goals and preferences of the participating schools.
“We understand the importance of catering to school preferences when it comes to activities during the trip. Our approach is highly flexible, allowing schools to select and customize activities that align with their educational goals and the specific interests of their students. This ensures that the trip is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of each school, providing a unique and tailored educational experience.”


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