Research Opportunities in Nepal

If you are pursuing your PhD thesis related to Nepal or conducting research on topics concerning Nepali culture, people, and geography, VCD Nepal offers unique research opportunities for international researchers, university professors, graduates, post-graduates, and individuals. Our Nepal research program provides you with a local coordinator who will assist you in organizing and conducting your research. Our coordinators come from diverse backgrounds with extensive knowledge about the country, people, and culture, and we can arrange coordinators who speak multiple languages based on your preference.
The research opportunity is available year-round, with program durations ranging from 1 to 20 weeks.

Nepal tourism and hospitality internship

Tourism and hospitality internship is specially designed for tourism and hospitality student or keen on studying about tourism industry. Nepal is a perfect choice for all different kinds of travelers. It is a top destination for tourists who love extreme adventure, enjoys nature and wilderness, spiritual and traditional lifestyle. Nepal is a perfect place to study about tourism and hospitality business with a large number of international tourists, hotels, and tour companies. You will have a chance to work alongside tour and trekking companies, hotels and resorts to see how the hospitality industry in Nepal works.

You would be working 5 to 7 hours a day. But there is always an opportunity to work longer hours if are you willing too. As you know tourism and hospitality businesses are always open. Tourism and hospitality internship runs all year round and available from 2 to 20 weeks. It can be customized according to your needs and preferences.

Medical Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal medical internship

The Medical and nursing internship program provides you an opportunity to work together with medical and nursing professionals in Nepal. The internship will take place in large city hospitals to local health centers according to your expertise and preference.
We are currently partnering with a pediatric hospital in Kathmandu and other general hospitals around Kathmandu and Chitwan. Rural medical facilities are on our internship placement list too.

The medical and nursing internship program run all year round and available from 1- 20 weeks