An unforgettable learning curve

Four weeks has flown by! It still seems like yesterday when my nervous self was picked up from the airport after missing my connecting flight. What a four weeks it has been. There is so much I could talk about, I could write a novel! But I won’t bore you that much. 

Volunteering was a fantastic experience and a learning curve.  Giving those great kids a safe haven for an hour a day as well as teaching English and playing lots of Uno was great! The work VCD does here is so beneficial to the community, giving the kids more hope and belief that they can achieve great things in their own beautiful country rather than moving to America or Britain!

Your family were so hospitable to me, welcoming me into the Paudel family like one of their own. Amaa has really become my second mother, a great friend and she’s an exceptional cook! I will seriously miss her daal bhat! Although we got absolutely drenched on the jungle safari, accompanied by the comforting sound of thunder, seeing a one-horned rhino on top of an elephant made it all worthwhile. Trekking for the first time was also an incredible experience with even more incredible views and paragliding next to the Himalayas was just insane. So was running off a cliff to get into the air! I was absolutely terrified getting into the raft for white water rafting on Trishuli, but after the first half an hour I absolutely loved it! I’ve heard that “thank you” is only said in Nepal for something really, really special… Well, I think this experience warrants that status so… Thank you Bicky for founding and managing VCD, thank you Prakash for all the speedy driving and yummy cooking you do, thank you to all the Paudels for treating me like a daughter, sister or cousin, thank you to the kids of the library for being so willing to learn and befriend me like a Nepali, and thank you everyone for the unforgettable, incredible and unbelievable memories you have given me! There will be a huge amount of British recommendation coming your way (although not from Frontier).

Claire Brewin, England

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